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Why Yelp Eat24?

Who are we?

We get you mobile.
These days, a website is not enough. You've got to be available by smartphone. Yelp Eat24 takes care of it all.

Yelp Eat24 is the nation's best online ordering network with over 35,000 restaurants. You will have access to millions of hungry customers that can order daily from your restaurant!

We get you going – even if you already have your own site.
Our online ordering system works with existing websites. That means you can keep the look-and-feel you've worked hard to build, while taking advantage of our back-end systems and market presence.

How it works:

  • New customers find your menu and order.
  • Yelp Eat24 sends you the order and you make the food.
  • Then deliver it to the customer or they will pick it up.

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  • More delivery, pickup and catering orders every day
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Success Stories

"Yelp Eat24 tripled our Delivery Business by promoting our menu online."
88 Chinese, Los Angeles
"We use many online ordering services and Yelp Eat24 is the best one by far."
Pino Pizza, San Francisco
"Yelp Eat24 helped us to increase our online delivery sales by exposing and advertising our restaurant online."
Front Room, San Francisco
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